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Kijk hier ; een prachtig geïllustreerd en helder vormgegeven natuurboek

Industry of Nature
Another Approach to Ecology
Nature has always been a source of inspiration and resources to mankind – from the reproduction of floral motifs to the use of wood – but it has more to offer. Throughout the ages, nature has developed and optimised countless solutions to issues that also man faces daily. There is an amazing playground of smart, simple and sustainable behaviours, just waiting to be explored and learned from.
Industry of Nature describes 75 strategies that nature has developed in response to needs such as protection, strength, aerodynamics, camouflage and more. Included are existing and potential applications of these strategies in the design industry which have been illustrated with many photographs.
Furthermore, interviews with architecture studio AtelierZéroCarbone, biologist Janine M. Benyus, Professor of philosophy Catherine Larrère, designer Mathieu Lehanneur and ethical marketing consultant Hervé Naillon, highlight the ecology issues from different angles. Other features are a chapter on the history of biomimicry, a graphical timeline showing Earth’s developments, a bibliography and an extensive glossary.
The ecology issue has become unavoidable and should be considered a great opportunity to profoundly change our way of thinking and acting. Industry of Nature intends to provide creative professionals with information, inspiration and a tool for augmenting their work, expanding their imaginations and improving the world in which we live.
75 beautiful illustrations were drawn especially for this book by Dépli Design Studio.
Five specialists shed more light on the subject: AtelierZéroCarbone, Janine Benyus, Catherine Larrère, Mathieu Lehanneur and Hervé Naillon.
Over 80 photographs and descriptions of designs show successful applications of techniques derived from nature.
References on every page link to relevant illustrations, photographs and articles on other pages in the book.
The extensive glossary and bibliography facilitate further research.